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Thanks so much for visiting I believe my hub for my writing makes it easier for you to find articles, essays, comments and topics you are interested in. I hope to provide some humor, lifestyle insights, home renovation stories, interesting interviews, bios of extraordinary people, and just entertainment reading in general. Please click on MENU.

I don’t write about the Kardashians, ebola, Brian Williams, Putin, pigs, bears, ducks–well sometimes ducks–or anything else trending in 2015. I write to entertain, inform and generally inspire.

I’ll be posting books, bookmarks, columns and blogs: Spinning Straw into Gold (life in New England), Lunch with Marjorie (interviews of ordinary people with extraordinary lives, City Cites, Here & Elsewhere ( food, travel and entertainment), and The Real Truth about Resumes (a resume workbook and other career services), and The Pray for Our Troops bookmark (a project to remind us to pray for our troops).

Soon I’ll publish my authentic Sourdough Cookbook. Stay tuned.

Thanks again, dear readers. I so value you, your time, your comments and your sharing of my writing.

Blessings to you all, Marjorie

4 thoughts on “Blogging, books, and more

    1. Joyce

      It warms my heart for you to check out my writing. Blogging means all kinds of things to different people. Because I have been a journalist for 35 years, for me it is really more like my newspaper columns in many cases. Spinning Straw was started because we lived in a hotel for 17 months–so it was all about hotel life. Lunch with Marjorie is kind of a Chicken Soup for the Soul type writing–about other people and their stories. City Cites is a travel “column” like what many small newspapers would run. You know all about the bookmark, and I would appreciate your telling others about the site so we can keep the bookmarks going. And my resume workbook is really a whole website for my career counseling business. So you don’t really have to call any of it blogs. Most of what you will find at is journalistic or how to books. Soon I will also be including my authentic Sourdough Cookbook. Thanks again. Stay tuned to Spinning for our stories at our new “river house” where you will have to come and visit us after we get it remodeled.

  1. If Marjorie says something is interesting and shares it with the rest of the world, then the world should be interested, too. Since the days Marjorie started freelancing entertainment and arts stories for me at a newspaper in Orange County, Calif., she has demonstrated a penchant for making keen observations with a unique flair. Keep up the good work Marjorie!

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